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American Honey
Farmer's Daughter Blog

Taking a digital advertising course at UNI, I had the opportunity to create a website using WordPress and monitor it's success via Google Analytics. The focus of my website was centered around the national advantages of the agriculture industry and the farm to table movement - farming from the female perspective. It was a wildly successful blog, educating many on the farming industry and gaining knowledge of my own to use in the marketing industry. The content of my blog and final research presentation are below, enjoy!

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Blog Content

through the eyes of an AMERICAN HONEY
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02 /
You Grow Girls! - Women in Farming
03 /
Keep on Truckin'
04 /
Grandma's Kitchen
05 /
How Farm Animals Help Us
06 /
A Backseat Life Lesson
07 /
A-MAIZE-ing American Farms
08 /
Facts About Barnyard Fowl
09 /
Give'r the Beans
10 /
Love Thy Neighbor
11 /
About Me Page
12 /
American Honey Zucchini Bread
13 /
Caramelized Pear Salad
14 /
Mom's Berry Buttermilk Muffins
15 /
Mom's Meatball Soup
16 /
Smashed, Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Research Presentation

Packaging Projct

White Barn Bar Soap


G/S Newsletter

As part of a Graphic Technologies course, I had the opportunity to lead a team project with classmates to create a newsletter focused on the latest events and trends in the department - Graphically Speaking. I learned how to input variable data from Excel into Adobe files, layout a printable newsletter, and oversee all editing and design of the content. This was one of my favorite projects in the program! 

Graphically Speaking Newsletter

Dye Sub Print

Dye Sublimation Printing

Used an EPSON Dye Sublimation Printer to print the graphic for this metal substrate and utilized a heat press to transfer the image. 

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